How to add Soundcloud to blog

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HTML5 Widget:

This is a newly designed widget that has the features of iOS friendly working. It does not only offers doing the recordings but also makes you upload the things you want on your website or blog together with the details that include the sound, creator as well as likes, comments and plays together with the sharing of your social media as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Continue reading


Compound Bows Parts

The second day of the tournament of compound bows left the competitors facing cloudless skies and temperatures approaching 100 degrees. At the same time there is also crossbow competition. The competition was no less heated! First time shooter, Patrick Broadas surprised all shooters with his shooting on the animal targets and his compound bow.

His 25 points scored on the bear led all shooters. But the biggest surprise of the tournament surfaced following a bonus round that challenged the archers to place a single arrow with a compound bow in the mouth of a cup at 20 meters.
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There’s nothing like a good pair of football boots

CleatsMost of boots are made in the U.S.A. No seconds or irregulars. The Acme and Dan Post names speak for themselves: “The original cheap football boots” Good-looking, rugged and cool to wear with on a match.


1. Don’t be afraid to place an order on the Internet: It’s safer than giving your credit card number to a sales clerk at a retail store. Amazon is a reputable company. We could not accept credit cards if we were not. Also, by paying with a credit card, you have a proof of purchase and your credit card company could freeze funds if there is a dispute or if you do not receive your order. You can also pay by check or money order. Continue reading


Secret to Finding the Best Full Figure Bathing Suits Ever

Many full-figured women (that includes me) are self-conscious when it comes to wearing any kind of swimwear. Are we to be blamed? No, a great majority of swimwear shops seem to focus on slim or average sized women who don’t think twice about showing off their figures for the world to see. Luckily, some companies realized this and set up online shops that cater exclusively to plus sized women. Continue reading


Soundcloud: For Your Hidden Talent

Music and songs can not be obsolete due to the fact that we are advancing globally. The music Soundcloud industry is becoming vast with technological innovations, new talents, and different genre of songs. This is why it’s important to buy Soundcloud followers and Soundcloud promotion to enchance your popularity. Everything in this field is expanding like the galaxies expanding after bing bang. With every second something new appears in front of us and because of this we are getting the chance to experience a whole new level of entertainment. Continue reading


Services You Can Find At SoulWell

Bodywork is done on a futon mat on the floor or on a massage table. The client remains fully clothed. Bodywork is a sister to what we think of as massage, however, it can access many more levels and layers of the body. Continue reading