Well, it was only a matter of time before someone parodied KINGDOM COME. Actually, it’s been done already, in Greg Hyland’s brilliant LETHARGIC LAD #3; he even got Alex Ross to do the cover on that. So, rather than doing another direct spoof, Peter opts to capture the flavor of that miniseries rather than stick to its plotline, and I think that decision is a solid one.

The overriding sense of despair in evidence at the onset of the KC storyline is echoed here by Arnold attempting suicide, followed shortly by a glimpse of Baraka as a drunken lounge singer and, perhaps scariest of all, Janocz as a heartless yuppie. A bit heavy for folks used to seeing these characters at their most flippant; I tend to prefer what Peter did with the future versions of Kelly and Bridget.

Some of the events seem a little forced– why would Bridget just walk into Baraka’s nightclub for no reason than to berate him? Has she made a habit of doing this? (If she has, Peter should have stated so, as it would have afforded him a wonderful pun.) And the “moral” disappointed me; the whole change in Mystic Grove is due to Kelly and Janocz having sex while both were still virgins? So what is this supposed to say? Sow your wild oats before doing the nasty with the person you really want? Abstain totally ’cause sex is icky and evil? Sure can’t be “wait till you’re older” ’cause they’d still be virgins then. Anyway, to have so much hinge on that event just struck me as a bad plot point.

But I enjoyed seeing the future versions of folks like Peterson and especially Hermano, I loved the running gag with Kelly not quite having control over the idea of intangibility, and the overall pacing was quite nice. Cockrum and Mooney capture fairly decent older versions of the characters, though Arnold is way too large. Brent does a good job on Kelly’s opening lettering, but it’s a bit hard to read in places. Still, when contrasted with Arnold’s (which I wish had been a tad larger) it’s quite effective.

Kaiden Holloway